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We come from all walks of life, from all kinds of places, to do all kinds of things. Some play, some ring bells, some direct choirs, some sing, and some do all of these things. But what we are most grateful for are the friendships we’ve cultivated over all our years together.

This is what the Sarasota-Manatee AGO Chapter means to me….

Our local chapter welcomed me warmly into Sarasota and offers an active, thriving community. …  Amy Cerniglia

The American Church Organist along with climate change, global warming, animal and insect extinction should be added to the “endangered species” list. It is, in part, through our personal efforts that the Sarasota/Manatee chapter thrives. It is worth it!  I, personally, am committed to the success and longevity of the Sarasota/Manatee Chapter and really all of the AGO chapters. ”

One man (woman) can make the difference and every man (woman) must try. Through the efforts of this chapter’s leadership and membership support this could be the best year ever. … Ann Stephenson-Moe

What has our local AGO chapter done for me? Back in the mid ’80’s when I was a fledgling organist and a full-time banker, our chapter provided a great source of personal contacts who were very instrumental in connecting me with various organ sub jobs. Such an invaluable experience could not have been enjoyed without the helping hands of our members requiring assistance during periodic absences from their church positions, for that I am very thankful!

How have I benefited from being in our local AGO chapter? The benefits are ongoing…I am enjoying being your advertising manager, which keeps me connected with many of our members. It gives me tremendous satisfaction to be a part of this group of caring, extremely talented musicians who truly have our profession’s best interest at heart. Being a member of our guild has also proven to be a wonderful diversion from my other professions in community banking and private education. The entire experience is very fulfilling!  …  Bill Holt

The local AGO chapter enables me to have discussions with colleagues about many organ-related subjects that have an impact on my work approach and outlook. The Guild meetings are great opportunities to network, and to find out what others are planning and experiencing. Through AGO-sponsored concerts and events, we can experience organists who are nationally and internationally renowned. Our AGO chapter is ripe for growth.

I hope we do grow and invite new members so that our chapter can last well into the future.  ….  Cynthia-Roberts Greene

Our affiliation with AGO goes back continually to the 1950’s, when we were members of a student chapter at Lawrence University in Wisconsin.  This afforded us with connections to the regular local chapter in attending recitals and workshops sponsored by them.

In addition to all of the educational sessions and concerts that we have benefitted from over many years, we have both served in a number of capacities as officers and committee members.  Attending some national and regional conventions has been both enjoyable and enlightening.  Also, reading the monthly magazines and chapter newsletters has provided us with much education and many new ideas.
However,  keeping in touch with colleagues locally and nation-wide in the organ world has been the greatest benefit of AGO.  So many have become close friends, confidantes and encouragers.  We have been welcomed as newcomers to several areas of the country by members who are selfless in sharing ideas, support and camaraderie. 
Thanks, AGO! …. Jim and Carol Hawkinson.