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Available positions requiring an organist, choir director, pianist, or any combination of the above will be posted here as a service to our members. Contact information will be posted as provided by the employer, and will remain for up to 60 days or until the position is filled, whichever comes first.

Please check back to this page often for updates. We’re here to assist our members so please don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Welcome to our chapter.  My name is John Ferreira, and I am the placement coordinator helping churches and people connect with open positions and job seekers.  We have a fantastic chapter complete with many talents and a variety of abilities. Be sure to go to agosm.org to see all that is happening.  If you ever need my assistance or questions regarding placement opportunities, please feel free to contact me.
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Director of Music – Saint Anastasia Catholic Church – St. Augustine, Florida

General Summary:
The Music Director serves the parish as the principal musician, organist, and choir director according to the highest professional standards and the teachings of the Catholic Church. The Music Director is to plan, coordinate, form, and lead the parish, its choirs and musicians through all aspects of music for liturgical and worship services of the parish.
The Music Director is an integral member of the parish staff which works as a collaborative team.

-Select quality music for all parish liturgies, rituals, devotions and other non-liturgical events that are appropriate to the gathering.
-Direct weekly rehearsals of the various choirs, cantors and accompanists
-Recruit, train, schedule and maintain the memberships of the choirs and musical groups
-Play, sing, or ensure a qualified replacement for weekday, weekend and Holy Day liturgies
-Play, sing, or ensure a qualified replacement for other liturgical services
-Play, sing, or ensure a qualified substitute to serve at funerals and weddings
-Research, order and maintain the Parish Music Library
-Maintain necessary music licenses and complete weekly reports
-Request maintenance/repair of parish organ, pianos and other instruments
-Maintain parish music budget
-Participate in parish staff meetings
-Plan, organize, coordinate and supervise a yearly parish sponsored concert series
-Maintain concert series budget
-Coordinate operation and maintenance of Church sound system.

-BA or higher in Music, with excellent organ/piano skills, vocal technique and choral conducting
-Knowledge of Catholic Liturgy, including liturgical documents and music resources
-5+ years’ experience leading liturgical ministry in a Catholic parish is preferred
-Practicing Catholic
-Demonstrated ability of serving collaboratively with other members of parish staff

-Full time: includes weekends and evenings
-Commitment to ensuring overall development of the liturgical/musical life of the parish
-Commitment to seek continued professional education and spiritual formation
-Commitment to collaborating with the parish staff for the advancement of the parish vision.

Job Information Director of Music
$65,000 Per Year

Rev. Timothy M. Lindenfelser, Pastor of the Church
Phone: (904) 471-5364
Fax: (904) 471-7448

Posted February 17, 2024

Organist, Associate – Trinity-by-the-Cove  in Naples, Florida

Trinity-by-the-Cove is one of the largest Episcopal Churches in Florida. It is located along a beautiful peninsula in Naples Bay in one of the most sought-after and rapidly growing communities in the country. Our worshippers offer a highly educated and appreciative musical audience, both live and virtual. Trinity’s sizable investment in musical excellence is a deliberate, ongoing strategic aspiration that works hand-in-hand to enhance our worship excellence, to attract newcomers and to fund our many outreach programs that help thousands of our vulnerable neighbors every year.

Job Summary:
The Associate Organist provides and plans music for our Rite III service which features piano, violin, guitars, and cantor. They also play the organ for the Rite I 7:30am service and occasionally assume the duties of the Director of Music and Organist for all services when the Director of Music is not present. The incumbent is to stimulate and strengthen the music program of the parish with emphasis on spiritual growth, congregational involvement and education.

Essential Functions:
· Serves as organist for 7:30 am Rite I service from September – April, providing organ music for prelude, offertory, communion, and postlude, plus an offertory hymn.
· Serves as pianist and director of the 9:00am Rite III service, from mid-October through Easter. Selects congregational music with oversight of Director of Music. Arranges music as necessary for the ensemble of violin, two guitars, and cantor.
· Develops and leads the rehearsal schedule for the Rite III ensemble. Currently the group rehearses bi-weekly on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 -7:00 pm.
· Fills in as organist/choir director for the Sunday 9:00 am & 11:15 am services when the Director of Music is away. In the summer, it just one single service with choir at 10:00 a.m.
· Fills in as organist/choir director for the Thursday Choral Evensong service at 5:30 pm from October-March when the Director of Music is away.
· Leads the weekly rehearsal of the professional choir of Trinity by the Cove in the absence of the director of music. The rehearsals are held on Thursdays from 7:00 pm-9:00 pm. from September – May.
· Share playing duties with the Director of Music of the seasonal Saturday 4:30 pm service, from January – Palm Sunday.
· Perform administrative tasks relating to the Rite III music library and other projects assigned by the Director of Music.

About the Working Environment:
The Rector views the Director of Music and the Associate Organist as vital partners in promoting the life and ministry of the Church and its future growth using predominantly traditional but also contemporary music to reach existing and new audiences.

Qualifications and experience:
· Music education and/or Associate or Fellowship of AGO or equivalent.
· Substantial experience as a liturgical musician.
· Familiarity with a variety of liturgical backgrounds.
· Christian commitment and a passion for engaging congregations through music.
· Ability to lead organized rehearsals.
· Administrative experience and attention to detail.
· Ability to provide a supportive and encouraging environment for the musicians.
· Desire to work as a team member with the Director of Music, clergy, and staff.

Salary and Terms Summary:
• Hours per week vary with the season and Director of Music’s schedule.
• Compensation is based on number of sessions per day which varies. The session rates for the regularly scheduled services for the Associate organist range from $160 to $375 per session. Additional sessions when the Director of Music is away are compensated with additional sessions/rates.
• Additional fees for weddings and funerals

Send the following by e-mail to:
Deborah Finch, HR Consultant to the Rector at dfinch@trinitybythecove.com
· Letter of Interest
· Curriculum Vitae with contact information, including phone number, mailing address, email address.
We will acknowledge receipt of completed applications immediately and initially communicate with applicants by email.

Posted February 16, 2024

Music Director – St. Andrew UCC, Sarasota, FL  703-899-1795

Status and Time Requirement: 

This part-time position should average about 16 hours per week, with certain seasons requiring more hours (Christmas, Easter, August planning) and other seasons requiring fewer hours. The music director is expected to play each Sunday for the 10:30 am service; at 9:30 am each Sunday, prepare the choir for leading the hymns and singing an anthem; attend staff meetings every other Monday at 10:00 am, and stay for worship planning with the Minister at 11:00. In addition, the position includes recruiting and maintaining choir members. In the fall, there may be a choir rehearsal during the week. The music director is expected to play for special holiday services on Ash Wed, Maundy Thursday, and Christmas Eve. 

Pay and Benefits:

Vacation dates must be arranged with, and agreed to, by the Minister. Additional compensation shall be provided for weddings and memorial services according to the fee schedule.  Salary shall be reviewed annually. 

Annual Salary: ​$15,000

Vacation accrual begins after three months.  An initial performance review will be held at the end of a 90-day probationary period with the employee and the Minister.

Calva Leonard – Moderator-elect

          Posted January 29, 2024

Organist Position for First Presbyterian Church, Arcadia FL

The First Presbyterian Church of Arcadia, FL seeks a permanent organist to play the organ and piano for:
  – all music accompaniment at the 11:00 am Sunday service;
  – to attend the Wednesday evening practices;
  – provide accompaniment to soloists; and
  – to be available for special services such as weddings and funerals.
The organist would report to and work with the Pastor, Rev. Dr. Will Browne; the Music Director, Genie Martin and our Chair of personnel, Jill Maassen.
The salary is set at $200.00/week plus mileage and is negotiable.
Please contact:
  Pastor Rev. Dr. Will Browne, willbrowne@yahoo.com, 941-928-7504
  Music Director, Genie Martin, geniemartin27@gmail.com, 863-990-8223

  Chair of Personnel, Jill Maassen, maassenje@usa.net, 863-558-0763

Posted January 19, 2024